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The Rallytechnology team can add to their achievements another valuable result from the Polish Rally Championship. A total of three crews using Rallytechnology technical support competed on the special sections of the Nadwiślański Rally on June 1st. All of them also reinforced the field of the strongest class 2, in which there were as many as 11 R5 class cars. As predicted, the Puławy round turned out to be a big challenge for both the crews and their equipment. It's hard to find a crew in the whole field, that would have covered all six sections without some adventures.

The duos representing Rallytechnology did not avoid problems on the fast and extremely slippery routes. The beginning, however, was successful, because at the first trial two Ford Fiestas of the Rybnik company were in the top four. At the distance of 15.22 km, Płachytka and Nowaczewski gave way to the duo Słobodzian / Kozdroń only by 1.3 seconds. Unfortunately, problems with the opening pop-off valve in Marcin's car and the failure of the oil pressure sensor in the second Fiesta, effectively hindered the chance of a good result in the first lap. However, this did not keep the crews from achieving good times on individual sections. Even before the visit in the service zone, both Sylwester and Marcin, finishing the longest attempt of the rally in the fifth and sixth place, began to make up for their losses. Daniel Chwist debuting in Nadwiślański initially had problems to catch the right rhyth on these unusual asphalt routes, but on the Wilków section he also finished in the top ten. Thanks to this he was promoted and closed the top eight in the middle of the distance.

The second lap was a repeat of the morning route configuration and other spectacular clashes of the Rallytechnology crews. Słobodzian and Kozdroń at the final three trials always ranked in top 3, for Kasperczyk and Marczyk who fought for victory. At the finishing line in Puławy they both were third but with additional three points for the Power Stage. On Saturday afternoon Płachytka and Nowaczewski recorded times only a few seconds worse than their team mates and although they were not able to make up for the loss in the general classification, they scored 1 point for the result on OS 6. Daniel Chwist and Kamil Heller also have reasons to be satisfied, as the completed their first joint start in the RSMP in the high sixth place. They scored their first valuable points, and more importantly, they ranked 7th in the season’s finale.

Robert Gabryszewski (Rallytechnology team manager): "Nadwiślański Rally brought more emotions in only one day than some of the much longer rounds. Once again, the Puławy routes proved that they are among the most demanding in the whole RSMP calendar. The pace of work and events was equal to the one with which the winners were fighting for victory. The schedule was so tight that there was no room for any calculations, and the only strategy was a continuous race at 110 %. Every moment of distraction could end up being a mistake. Probably everyone noted some unexpected adventures this weekend, and since even small losses were extremely difficult to make up for, the rally was not only a test of skills but above all a test of character. Our crews also had to face problems, so the result at the finish does not fully reflect their great pace, but they worked hard for every point.

Marcin and Kamil once again impressed with their ride and even though in the classification of the season they moved back to the third place, they are ones of the greatest heroes of this rally. Sylwester Płachytka and Jacek Nowaczewski, even when they dropped to the end of the field, they did not let it go. Daniel and Kamil also deserve a huge applause. Despite their debut in Puławy and only little experience in driving an R5 car on asphalt, they weere more confident and more efficient with each stage, which made them finish in the very good sixth place.

Thanks to the attitude of all the three crews, we not only have reasons to be proud but we can wait with high hopes for the Rally Poland. After two rounds of the season, we not only have representatives on the podium, but also three teams in the top seven of the Polish Championships. In spite of adventures, we do not give the lead among sponsored teams. We are returning from Puławy and counting down the days to take off in Masuria.”

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