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► The year 2018 was the next championship season of the Rallytechnology team. It all started with two winter starts in Finland in 53rd Arctic Lapland (25-27 January) and 16th SM Vaakuna Ralli (16-17 February). Of course, the stable of Rybnik were also present at the European Rally Championship. In addition to the inaugurating struggle of Azores Airlines Rallye (22-24 March), the Polish stable raced in six rounds of the Old Continent Championship.

The rally program included the Polish Rally Championship. In the 46th Świdnicki - Krause Rally, 5 cars entered the service zone. Altogether, in all 7 rounds of the Polish Rally Championship the crews supported by the Rallytechnology team won three individual titles of the champion and runner-up. Kacper Wróblewski, the Rallytechnology Junior Talent Team fellow, stood on the highest step of the podium. The team could celebrate yet another particularly valuable victory - for the fourth time in a row and with an advantage of 121 points, they did not give their competitors any chance and reached out for the championship in the classification of sponsored teams.

Rallytechnologys colors could be seen in the 2018 season also in the Czech Republic (four crews in the April Rallysprint Kopná), Slovakia (Rally Tatry) and in Germany during Rally Lausitz sections, and then again in Poland in December in the 56th Barbórka Rally. In total, in the 2018 season, Rallytechnology mechanics served as many as 11 crews, similarly to the previous year.

● Polish Champion in the Classification of Sponsored Teams 2018 (Rallytechnology)
● Polish Champion 2018 in the 2WD Group (Kacper Wróblewski / Jacek Spentany - Peugeot 208 VTi R2)
● Polish Champion 2018 in Class 4 (Kacper Wróblewski / Jacek Spentany - Peugeot 208 VTi R2)
● Second runner-up of Poland 2018 in the 2WD Group (Grzegorz Bonder / Jakub Gerber - Peugeot 208 VTi R2).

► In the 2017 season, Rallytechnology was responsible for servicing 11 crews, which in total competed 64 times. 17 of these starts took place abroad, played as part of European Championship rounds or Czech Championships. Once again, we completed full cycles of the Polish Rally Championship and Silesia Rally Championship.

As a result of those 64 starts, our teams stood on the podium over 28 times, finishing in the top three of the general classification, individual groups classification or in classes. The points scored by the players resulted in a total of 7 championship titles.

● Second runner-up of the Polish Rally Championship (RSMP) 2017 in the General Classification (Zbigniew Gabryś / Artur Natkaniec - Ford Fiesta R5)
● Second runner-up of the Polish RSMP 2017 in Class 2 (Zbigniew Gabryś / Artur Natkaniec - Ford Fiesta R5)
● Polish Champion in the Classification of Sponsorship Teams 2017 (Rallytechnology)
● Polish Champion 2017 in the 2WD Group (Tomasz Gryc / Michał Kuśnierz - Peugeot 208 VTi R2)
● Polish Champion 2017 in Class 4 (Tomasz Gryc / Michał Kuśnierz - Peugeot 208 VTi R2)
● 1st runner-up of Silesia Rally Championship (RSMŚl) 2017 in the 2WD Guest Class (Przemysław Lizończyk / Zbigniew Cieślar - Peugeot 208 R2 VTi)
● 2nd runner-up of Śląsk RSMŚl 2017 in the 2WD Guest Class (Robert Mąsior / Łukasz Bobrowski - Peugeot 208 R2 VTi).

► Season 2016 begun exceptionally fast, already with the start in the Monte Carlo Rally in January, where Rallytechnology team serviced Peugeots 208 VTi R2 for the crews Tomasz Gryc / Michał Kuśnierz and Sławomir Ogryzek with Jakub Wróbel.
The past 12 months comprised the total of 24 rallies (including 8 events abroad), in which we serviced 68 cars. These were among others 2 rounds of World Championships, 5 rounds of Europe Championships and full cycles of Polish Rally Championship and Silesia Rally Championship (RSMŚl).

Our services were used by 13 drivers, who stood on the podium 56 times of which 25 times on its highest step.

All the abovementioned statistics result in the following:
Polish Champion RSMP 2016 in Group 2WD and Class 4 (Dariusz Poloński / Grzegorz Dobosz - Peugeot 208 VTi R2).
Runner-up Polish Champion 2016 in Group 2WD and Class 4(Tomasz Gryc / Michał Kuśnierz - Peugeot 208 VTi R2)
Polish Champion in Sponsors Crews Ranking 2016 (Rallytechnology)
1st place in RO R class RSMŚl 2016 (Arkadiusz Lechoszest / Paweł Drahan - Peugeot 208 VTi R2).

► In season 2015 Rallytechnology won five titles of Polish Champion. Team starts in fifteen rallies, which were rounds of Polish Rally Championship, European Rally Championship or local Silesia Rally Championship. Throughout year 2015 service area appeared 11 different drivers which for over 39 times in this season, won the podium in Overall Classification and in particular classes.

Season ended with titles of:
- Polish Rally Champion in the General Classification, and Class 4 (Łukasz Habaj / Piotr Woś - Ford Fiesta R5)
- Polish Rally Champion in Class 4 and Vice Champion in class 2WD (Dariusz Poloński / Grzegorz Dobosz - Peugeot 208 VTi).

Thanks to the excellent performance of our crews Rallytechnology became a champion in classification of Sponsors teams, winning in this class all eight rounds of Polish Championships.

► In season 2014 team is up to four crew. Lukasz Habaj and Piotr Wos changed during the season they their car from Mitsubishi Lancer R4 to Ford Fiesta R5. They totally won two rounds and finished with title of Second Vicechampion. Other three crews used the Peugeot 208 VTi R2. Dariusz Poloński with Tadeusz Burkacki and Grzegorz Dobosz win Class 6 and were second in 2WD. Sylwester Płachytka and Jacek Nowaczewski finished season one position behind Dariusz. For Robert Kraus / Michal Majewski this year was a debut in the Polish Rally Championships.

► In season 2013 Kajetan Kajetanowicz, Jaroslaw Baran and Rallytechnology for the third time in a row won Polish Rally Champion title. Crew Habaj / Woś get their first victory in Polish Rally Championships rally and thanks of that all rounds of the season was won by cars prepared by Rallytechnology. Third of our crews Dariusz Poloński and Gregorz Dobosz achieved third podium step in CET Cup.

► In the season 2012, two rounds before season end Rallytechnology again together with crew Kajetanowicz / Baran defended title of Polish Rally Championships 2012 in overall classification.

► In 2011 company moved to new headquarters in Rybnik. Renewal cooperation with Kajetan Kajetanowicz result to achieved title of Polish Champions 2011.

► In season 2010 our team achieve another great result. We finish in second and third place in Polish Rally Chamionships in group N and we were third in FIA - CEZ 2010 in group N classification.

► Thanks to many years of experience gained during PPZM, RSMP, European and World Rally Championship starts Rallytechnology have won 2008 Polish Rally Championships in group N class and finish second in Polish Rally Championships.

► In 2006 mechanics from IM Racing and Gabel Sport Garage founded new company - Rallytechnology.

► Since 2004 mechanics from Gabel Sport Garage were working with IM Racing company as a technical background.

► In 1997 year Gabel Sport Garage company was founded. Company was specialised in building and servicing rally cars.

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