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This weekend will write a special chapter in the history of Polish motor sport. The Tarmac Masters series has been enjoying great interest of competitors and supporters for years, but it seems that on June 20-21, probably all car rally fans will follow the competition on the routes around Nowa Ruda. Due to the pandemic and restrictions, it will be the first opportunity of "flesh and blood" fight on road special sections. Thus, after shifting the date from the last weekend of March, the 4th IRECO Motorsport Rally will in some way play a role of the inauguration of the 2020 rally season. Thanks to this, the competition held as a district rally will attract an impressive rate of competitors.

At the moment, there are nearly 150 crews on the list of the district rally or Super KJS event. An exceptionally large group of drivers and co-drivers from the top Polish Rally Championships will appear on six special stages. Among others, seven R5 cars will stand in the service zone in Nowa Ruda.

Rallytechnology will be present also in the first round, where the Rybnik team will be serving three rally cars this weekend. It will also be the team's debut with the new crew cast, next to Dariusz Poloński and Łukasz Sitek, who remain loyal to the scorpion rally car in the 2020 season. For the Zabrze-Ustroń crew it will already be the 18th start together, and interestingly – the 10th one on national routes.

Next to the Abarth 124 Rally RGT there will be two new Volkswagen Polo R5 GTi models. Kacper Wróblewski will debut in the new car and in a duo with Jakub Wróbel, too. Kacper, who together with Rallytechnology reached for the titles of the Polish Rally Champion 2018 in the 2WD Group and in Class 4, returns to the team after a one-year break.

In the second Polo R5 GTi, the fans will see Tomasz Kasperczyk and Damian Syty. The current Polish runners-up, after six seasons and nearly 60 rallies spent in Ford, this year are betting on a new car and a new servicing stable. As you can see, the "defrosting" of Polish motorsport is gaining momentum, and on Sunday, June 21st a real rally holiday is going to be prepared.

Robert Gabryszewski (Rallytechnology team manager): I think that each of us for whom car rallies matter, is waiting for the upcoming weekend with high hopes. We have never had to wait so long for the first start of the season, which is why we count on a successful start in the inauguration of the Tarmac Masters. We come to Nowa Ruda with a full crew and we have a lot of news for our fans for the 2020 season in our team. New cars and new crews are a challenge we face, but at the same time they are our motivation to take further steps in our company's rally history. We have the opportunity to continue cooperating with experienced drivers with whom we already achieved sporting successes, as well as start a cooperation with another titled crew as in the case of Tomek and Damian. Despite the difficult beginning of 2020, we are optimistic about the coming months.

This rally will be especially important to us. This is not only a stage of preparation for RSMP and ERC 2020, but also an opportunity to race very valuable kilometers in the "combat" mode. Looking at the list of participants, you can be sure that on such a short distance, an unusually fierce battle will be played, but in the end that is what we all missed most. We wish you and ourselves a huge dose of emotions and may more and more positive news come from the rally world. Follow the competition on the Tarmac Masters stages and keep your fingers crossed!

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