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Coming up is the 48th edition of Polish Rally Championship. Initially planned for the second half of April, Świdnica Rally - KRAUSE, after the changes to the calendar caused by the pandemic, took on the role of the third and last round of the Polish Rally Championship 2020. However, it may turn out that the organization of the Slovak round in Košice will not take place, and then we will know the new Polish Champions already on October 4th.

Regardless of the stakes, the rally will bring the Rallytechnology team two important jubilees. The team from Rybnik has been starting in Świdnica regularly since the 2011 season, when the Świdnica-Krause Rally appeared in the Polish Championship for the first time. Thus, the next start will be the tenth one. Over the years, the team has fought in sections of Lower Silesia along with Łukasz Habaj, Dariusz Poloński, Michał Uliarczyk, Tomasz Gryc, Zbigniew Gabryś, Sylwester Płachytka, Marcin Słobodzian, and Kajetan Kajetanowicz, who gave Rallytechnology two overall victories in Świdnica.

In this year's edition, two Polo GTI R5 Volkswagen Polo cars will stand under the service tents of the Rybnik stable. It will be the rally debut of the model on special stages of the Świdnicki Rally. Similarly to Rally Silesia, the line-up of the strongest Class 2 will be joined by Daniel Chwist and Kamil Heller as well as Tomasz Kasperczyk and Damian Syty.

For the representatives of the Tiger Energy Drink Rally Team, already the start ceremony of this rally will be unusual, because it will bring an impressive jubilee. It will be the 100th start in Tomek's sports career, more than half of which he spent in R5 cars. Equally interesting is the crew’s common statistic: they appeared together on rally routes already 98 times.

The line-up will also include a Peugeot 208 R2. In he two previous rallies, Radosław Typa and Szymon Gospodarczyk made an important contribution to the Rallytechnology’s point collection in the sponsorship teams' classification. The team is about to win the Polish Championship for the sixth time in a row in Świdnica. The weekend will probably make a strong mark in the company's history.

Robert Gabryszewski (Rallytechnology team manager): Thanks to the organizers' determination, the Świdnica-Krause Rally will take place, and the 48th edition will be extraordinary. We have a huge baggage of experience associated with this competition, and our crews have had numerous successes in Świdnica. The time has come to write another chapter, and autumn is an unusual part of the year for this rally. The conditions shouldn't be difficult, but it will be an interesting change anyway. Especially that a lot points in the direction that this weekend will be the final one for the RSMP. So far, we have been at the start to kick off the season and score our first points, and now it's the titles that matter.

It is an honor for us that we can accompany Tomek at such an important moment in his career and that he will be able to celebrate his jubilee with us. Even though the 2020 season did not go his way, we know that in the 100th race he can achieve the perfect result. 11 points behind the podium in the general classification is also a result within the range of the Kasperczyk/Syty duo.

Daniel Chwist has made friends with the new car for good, so it’s going to be a double debut of the Polo GTI R5 debut in Świdnica. We will also keep our fingers crossed for Radek, currently the vice-leader of 2WD. Regardless of how the situation with the Kosice Rally, we come to Lower Silesia hungry for success and ready to fight for the titles. Keep your fingers crossed for the entire Rallytechnology line-up - we are aiming for a joint success this weekend.

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