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All Polish fans of car rallies are awaiting with a strong heartbeat what the coming weekend will bring. The calendar includes as many as three large events - the Wieliczka Memorial of Janusz Kulig and Marian Bublewicz, Wysoka Grzeda Baja Poland and the 5th Tech-Mol Rally. The competition on the special stages of Lower Silesia promises a true general test before the inauguration of the Polish Rally Championship in Świdnica. The rounds of the Tarmac Masters series have accustomed fans to the rich cast of crews and cars, but this year's list of entries looks exceptionally impressive.

This is the inauguration of the new season by the Rallytechnology team, which will appear in the service area in Nowa Ruda with three cars. The team that dominated the competition with a double podium in the Ireco Motorsport Rally in the 2020 season opening round will again present two Polo GTi R5 Volkswagens. Fans of rear-wheel drive rally cars will be pleased with the presence of the Dariusz Poloński / Łukasz Sitek duo, who will once again appear in the Abarth 124 Rally RGT at the Tarmac Masters.

Thanks to their result from the last year, Tomasz Kasperczyk and Damian Syty have affixed the second number to their Polo, and this will be their second season and their seventh start with a Volkswagen. Right behind them at the start line will stand Zbigniew Gabryś and Krzysztof Janik - exceptional debutants of this event. The first joint start of the crew will be the long-awaited return of Zbyszek to the special stages, and at the same time the official beginning of the adventure with rally machine from Hanover.

Kasperczyk and Gabryś will compete in a group of 7 teams in R5 and Rally2 cars in the PRO class. There are 19 rivals registered in PRO1 waiting for Darek Poloński. In total, this Sunday, April 11, there will be 48.51 km of routes for 84 crews, divided into six asphalt special stages.

Robert Gabryszewski (Rallytechnology team manager): “We have a few days of valuable tests behind us, but nothing can replace the emotions of sports competition and the pressure of fighting on special stages. We are counting down the last weeks to the kick off of the Polish Rally Championship, so we could not miss this rally. It is not only an opportunity to train before Świdnica Rally, but also an opportunity to compare yourself with rivals from the RSMP.

We have many positive memories with the Tarmac Masters series, especially with the 4th Rally Ireco Motorsport 2020, and we feel obliged after that beautiful victory. We wouldn't mind if our two Polo GTI R5 teams fought again for the top step of the podium. Both Tomek and Zbyszek would be glad to inaugurate the season with such a result. There will be fighting on the stages for sure. First of all, we treat this rally as training to make the best use of kilometers of stages.

It is an honor for us that we can support Zbigniew Gabryś in his return to rallies and all our crews in their upcoming sports challenges. We are opening the next year of Rallytechnology's activity with high hopes, and on Sunday we will set off on the route even stronger. Follow the results of Tech-Mol Rally and keep your fingers crossed!"

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