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14th Gdańsk Baltic Cup Rally turned out to be very lucky for Rallytechnology crews. In the only gravel round of Polish Rally Championship the team of Rybnik has won a double in class four and also a sixth place in the general classification. However, there will not be too much time for rest as the second round of Silesia Rally Championship starts already next weekend!

After ten years break Zbigniew Gabryś returned to gravel special stages with his co-driver Artur Natkaniec. Desspite the long break, the crew of Ford Fiesta R5 kept close to the forefront of the rally, which resulted in the sixth position at the finish line. It was the 50th start in Polish Rally Championship for Zbigniew Gabryś.

Kacper Wróblewski, debuting on gravel surface, was this rally’s revelation. The surface was, however, not the only novelty this young driver had to face. He also had to quickly learn the new car and find a common language with his new co-driver. All that was not a problem for Kacper. The Wróblewski-Sitek duo won most of the special stages in class four and won the second round of this season.

Tomasz Gryc and Michał Kuśnierz showed a very good tempo in class four. The Gryc Racing Team representation has just completed a fault-free rally, in which they proved to be the favorites in the race for the champion’s crown at the end of the season. The second place promoted them to the leading position in class four and 2WD.

The second round of Silesia Rally Championship – the 5th Ziemia Bocheńska Rally – will take place already the coming weekend. Three Rallytechnology crews will compete on more than 43 kilometers of special stages.

The duo Marek Dudziński and Daniel Dymurski signed up with their Subaru Impreza STi. This will be already the third start this season for this crew. Earlier we could see them at Świdnicki KRAUSE Rally and at Zamkowy Rally. Five other crews will compete in class four along with them, therefore it is going to be a great challenge for them. But let’s not forget that Dudziński and Dymurski are starting in this rally as vice-leaders of the class.

In class 2WD there will be two Rallytechnology crews, who provided a great show to the spectators of Zamkowy Rally, as they finished barely 5 seconds apart. The winner of the first round of Silesia Rally Championship was the crew Lizończyk/Cieślar, who now are going to try to defend the leading position. Robert Mąsior and Łukasz Bobrowski will try to interfere with this plan. Both crews will drive Peugeot 208 R2’s.

Robert Gabryszewski, Rallytechnology team manager: Thanks to the great performance of our drivers we can leave Gdańsk with our heads held high. The boys have had a lot of fun on the gravel and at the same time achieved great results. After a 10-year break Zbyszek Gabryś had to face his opponents, who compete on gravel very often – especially abroad – therefore I think that his sixth position is a good result. In class four we did not leave any doubt. Kacper and Tomek rode dreadfully fast but also without any mistakes, which takes a lot of skill. Too bad that that was the only gravel round in the whole calender, as such rallies are particularly impressive for the spectators, who are so important in this sport.

Now we have to quickly switch to the asphalt suspension and get ready for the 5th Ziemia Bocheńska Rally. The first round of that cycle has given us a lot of amazing experience, especially in the class Guest 2WD, therefore I am particularly pleased that we will have the two best crews of this class in our team. Behind the wheel of their Subaru, Marek Dudziński and Daniel Dymurski will again want to prove their speed. These guys have a real power this season and they will certainly present it also the coming weekend.

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