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26th Rzeszowski Rally went down in history. Although for Polish competitors this was the home round of the European Championship, it does not mean that they had an easy task ahead. The crew of Rallytechnology, which were six at the startup also found it out.

Amongst them The crew of the best result was won by Lukasz Habaj and Daniel Dymurski. In their debut in the new generation F5 Fiesta, they were able to present a solid and even pace. As a result, they took fourth place in the classification of Polish Championship and seventh place in the European Championships.

Tomasz Gryc and Michal Kuśnierz did not disappoint their fans also. The Peugeot 208 R2 team kept its concentration throughout the rally and at the finish line celebrated second place in fourth class and third among all cars driven by one axle. This great result allowed them to become stronger the fourth-grade leader's chair, which brought them closer to the desired title.

Among the lucky ones who managed to finish the rally were Bartlomiej Bogucki and Przemyslaw Bosek as well as Robert Masior and Szymon Gospodarczy. They took accordingly fifth and seventh place in fourth grade, which is a very satisfactory result in such a difficult rally, which has not finished more than 30% of the crews.

Robert Gabryszewski, head of Rallytechnology team: Hard to put into words everything that happened in this rally. Because of canceled episodes, perhaps the most important thing was keeping the concentration, which is not easy while waiting for the start of such a difficult rally. The trails were extremely insidious and it was really hard to complete the rally without a fault. Unfortunately, at the finish line we could not see Zbigniewa Gabrysia with Artur Natkarn and Darek Polonski with Balbin Gryczynska. Most importantly, nothing serious happened to them and they will be ready for the next start. Congratulations to our remaining crew, who managed to finish this rally. Anyone who has entered the Rzeszow Rally, can be called the winner!

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