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This year's Wisła Rally, though played as a round of the Silesian Rally Championship, was not less difficult than Europe's most demanding rallies. On the unforgiving, narrow paths, the crews had to face a heavy rain that defeated many of them. Fortunately, all Rallytechnology crews have checked in at the finish line in Wisła, where they will be heading for the penultimate round of the Polish Rally Championship, the Nadwiczynski Rally.

Marek Dudzinski with Daniel Dymurski felt great on the special stages of the 63rd Wisła Rally. The crew of Subaru Impreza finished in a very good second place in the 4WD class, and they lost only 6.3 seconds to the winning crew! The team of Rybnik had most of its representors in the 2WD class. There Robert Mąsior and Łukasz Bobrowski were fourth, right behind the podium; Przemysław Lizończyk and Zbigniew Cieślar finished sixth. For Tomasz Gryc this was the 100th rally start and of purely training character. Together with Michał Kuśnierz he regularly scored times in the top three but an unlucky landing in a ditch made him miss the chance for a good result. Happily, the spectators helped out the crew.

Robert Gabryszewski, Rallytechnology team manager: The tracks of Wisła Rallycombined with a heavy rain guarantee a great show for the spectators and a huge challenge for the competitors. We are glad to see all our crews at the finish line. The boys gave their best and achieved really great results. We are particularly happy with Marek and Daniel’s place on the podium! But all the crews that completed the Wisła round deserve congratulations!

Already on 29 September the 5th Nadwiślański Rally will start, that is the penultimate round of the Polish Rally Championship 2017. The second runner-up of this cycle – a very well prepared crew: Zbigniew Gabryś and Artur Natkaniec – will be present at the start. Driven by their fantastic memories from Dolnośląski Rally and from the previous edition of Nadwiślański Rally, where they stood on the podium, they will want to keep up the good run and make up a seven-point loss to Tomek Kasperczyk.

After a tough weekend workout, Tomasz Gryc and Michal Kuśnierz will also compete in the fourth class. They already have 69 points, giving them a safe advantage of 21 points over the second team. If Tomek with Michał win five points more than Łukasz Byśkiniewicz, they can celebrate the champion title already in Lublin!

For Robert Mąsior and Łukasz Bobrowski this will be the third start in this year's Polish Rally Championships. The crew of Peugeot 208 R2 will compete in the fourth class, along with Gryc and Kuśnierz, and four other crews.

Robert Gabryszewski: We are in a good position in the Championships. Zbyszek with Artur are very close to advancing to the rank of vice-champions, and Tomek with Michał will be able to add another brick to their title this weekend - perhaps the last one. There are only two rallies left before the end of the season and the competition is extremely fierce. There is no space for the smallest mistake. You need to keep pressing the gas pedal into the floor until the end. :-)

The 5th Nadwislanski Rally will be inaugurated by the Urzędów stage, which will start on Saturday at 1 p.m. On the first day, the crews will compete on five special stages. The final six stages on Sunday will decide on the final order in the list. On the Power Stage Jastków the crews will fight for extra points. In total there is over 137 km of special stages.

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