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Both Polish and European championships have come to an end now. After this year’s season, Rallytechnology team has a lot to celebrate. Tomasz Gryc and Michał Kuśnierz sealed their double champion’s crown by winning in the fourth class. A week earlier Habaj and Dymurski stood on the podium of Liepāja Rally, which – combined with a substantial point gain by Poloński and Gryczyńska placed the team of Rybnik on the sixth place among ERC teams! For them the season in Polish Rally Championship ended with a third in a row champion title among sponsored teams.

During the Silesia Rally, the spectators were watching the latest fight between the best fourth class drivers. Despite the fact that Tomasz Gryc and Michał Kuśnierz had a comfortable advantage over the other crew in the points classification, during the final round they still presented a great pace and thus won the rally. The points they got earned them the championship of Poland among single axis driven cars and in the fourth class!

Robert Mąsior and Łukasz Bobrowski also achieved the Silesian Rally finish line. After driving over 135 kilometers of special stages, they were ranked sixth in the strong fourth class. Zbigniew Gabryś and Artur Natkaniec were fighting for the vice-championship of the country until the end of the season. The crew of Ford Fiesta R5 showed a great form during the last two races, getting close to the second place in the championship classification for three points. Eventually, Gabryś and Natkaniec finished the season as second runner-up in Poland. The favorites to win in the fourth class were Kacper Wróblewski and Łukasz Sitek. In their debut with Peugeot 208 R2 on asphalt they finished third on the first special stage, and on the second they were the fastest crew. Unfortunately, a minor mistake on Ochaby special stage deprived them of the chance to continue.

After six rallies of this year’s season, Rallytechnology team has another reason to be proud. With a score of 216 points and an advantage of nearly 100 points over the second team, for the third time in a row they have become Polish champion among sponsored teams!

In the previous week's Liepāja Rally, which was the last round of the European Rally Championship, Habaj and Dymurski had a fantastic pace from the start on. On Friday and Saturday they stayed close to the top of the racers, and twice managed to score time in the top three. Kajetan Kajetanowicz and Jarosław Baran retreated from the eleventh special stage, which advanced the Rallytechnology team to the third place, and they kept it to the finish line. For Łukasz Habaj this is the best result ever in his ERC career.

Dariusz Poloński's and Balbina Gryczyńska's have also lived up to their supporters’ expectations. The crew of Peugeot 208 R2 started in a very heavily occupied ERC 3 class, where competition was extremely fierce. In the end, Darek and Balbina were ranked in the very good, sixth place, which deserves respect, especially that there were only the top fighters for the championship title ahead of them!

Robert Gabryszewski, Rallytechnology team manager: It is an amazing time for the whole team. Last weekend Łukasz and Daniel scored their record standing on the podium of the Europe championship round. Darek and Balbina have also done an amazing work and gained priceless experience. In Silesia the happiest racers were certainly Tomek Gryc and Michał Kuśnierz. The boys have done a brilliant job – they have been performing great over the whole season and at the end they won the rally and got the title they craved for so much. In the team classification, Rallytechnology closes the ERC season on the sixth place. It is a great success, especially that there were 30 teams competing. Among them was the Peugeot manufacturer’s team, which we left behind. In Poland, on the other hand, we won the championship among sponsored teams for the third time in a row. This was an effect many people contributed to – thank you all so much! Now all we have left to do is wait for the next position of rally emotions, including the famous Barbórka!

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