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In a short, only two-year history, the Głubczyce Region Rally has attracted crowds of fans who appreciated the difficulty of the routes around Opole. This year's debut in the Tarmac Masters round rank also promises an exciting show. After the dates of Rally Świdnicki and Rally Nadwiślański were postponed, the interest in the district cycle grew even more, not only among the fans, but above all on the competitors’ side.

Thanks to this, today in the start ceremony of the 3rd Głubczyce Region Rally, there will be over 90 crews who came to the Opole region for this weekend from almost all over Poland. After the successful start of the 2021 season, the colors of the Rallytechnology team could not be missing. Despite the absence of Tomasz Kasperczyk and Damian Syty, i.e. the winners of the Tech-Mol Rally, the team from Rybnik showed up in Głubczyce with two cars to support the Gabryś / Janik and Poloński / Sitek duos.

Thanks to this, the fans will again be able to see the rivalry of the Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 and Abarth 124 Rally RGT, which in Nowa Ruda took third and sixth place respectively in the general classification. It appears that this weekend is getting even more fierce competition, not only in the PRO category, but throughout the well-packed competition - straight from our national championship.

Zbigniew Gabryś and Krzysztof Janik, in their second start in Polo GTi R5, will start 7 special stages with a starting number 4, and Dariusz Poloński and Łukasz Sitek will close the top ten on the starting list.

Robert Gabryszewski (Rallytechnology team manager): “In the face of the problems of the Polish Rally Championship, Tarmac Masters has become the most important rally cycle in our country at the moment. As the course of the inaugural round in Nowa Ruda showed, the organizers are fulfilling this task in a great style. We treated the start in Tech-Mol Rally mostly as a training but Tomek and Damian ensured our first success this year. The appetite grows with eating, so we come to Głubczyce to fight another duel with our crews.

It is a pity that the Kasperczyk and Syty duo won’t be with us this time but we are sure that in the current line-up we are also able to take an effective fight. Zbyszek Gabryś and Krzysiek Janik have significantly improved their pace in Volkswagen, so they are even better prepared for the Głubczyce Rally.

The recently won sixth place by Darek and Łukasz is a great result with an RWD car, in such a strong competition, but the guys will certainly want to improve their result this weekend, and we will support our crews in this fight. So, at 46 km, another sports festival is being prepared that you should definitely not miss. We invite you to follow the results and traditionally - keep your fingers crossed for us!"

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