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18 cars in the Rally2 specification, including two Volkswagen Polo GTI R5s, will compete in the jubilee, 30th edition of the MARMA Rzeszów Rally. Tomasz Kasperczyk and Damian Syty, placed with the number two, will compete this weekend for points in as many as four rally cycles - RSMP Polish Rally Championship, FIA CEZ Central European Zone Championship, FIA ERT European Rally Trophy and MSR Slovak Championship. The priority is, of course, the Polish championship, in which the representatives of the Tiger Energy Drink Rally Team have a chance to be promoted to the top three in the overall ranking at the halfway point of the season. They are only one point away from the podium.

In this fight, they will also have their own round jubilee. Including their debut in the Polish Rally Cup round, they have been appearing on special stages of Podkarpacie continuously since 2012, so they will ride together for the tenth time in the rally.

The second driver supported by Rallytechnology, who in his statistics is approaching his hundredth start in his career, has faced the asphalt sections around Rzeszów 7 times, noting the third place on the podium on his debut. This year's edition will also be a debut to some extent - at the controls of the Polo GTI R5 and in a duet with Krzysztof Janik. For this crew, the pool of points that can be scored in the fourth round of the RSMP is particularly important to compensate for the losses after the unlucky Vistula Rally. After three rounds of the season, until the 30th MARMA of the Rzeszów Rally, they will start from the ninth position in the general classification.

On 152 km of special stages, Gabryś and Janik, like Kasperczyk and Syty, will also compete in the European FIA CEZ and FIA ERT cycles. The competition will start with the cult Lubenia, and the organizers have planned six trials and three loops for the Friday stage. Saturday will have a shorter distance, but it will provide not less excitement. Around 11:00, the crews will attend the city rehearsal in the center of Rzeszów, and the final will be the longest trial of Łomża (20.25 km), played as the Power Stage.

Robert Gabryszewski (Rallytechnology team manager): “We start August with a strong accent, with a visit to Podkarpacie. We will celebrate the jubilee of the Rzeszów Rally in our regular Polish Rally Championship line-up, with two VW Polo GTI crews.

From Rome, we move on to other characteristic asphalt roads, which, like Rally di Roma, have become a part of the history of the FIA ERC European Championship. They are considered amongst the most difficult ones in the region for a reason. Slippery, winding and sometimes very narrow roads do not forgive mistakes, and in the entire rate of the RSMP there is probably no experienced crew who would not have an adventure at this rally. When it rains, the challenge becomes extremely difficult, and such conditions are announced for this weekend.

From the beginning of Rallytechnology's activity, we are present on sections of the Rzeszów Rally, so we know the specificity of its routes very well. We approach this take-off with the humility it deserves, but at the same time focused and ready. There are very valuable points to get, so together with our crews we are setting ourselves up for a fierce fight. We count on your cheering and invite you to visit the Rallytechnology service zone. "

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